Our Mission at Three Rivers Stocking

Three Rivers Stocking Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax ID 30-0477212 organization committed to private fish stocking on the Isinglass, Cocheco, Lamprey, and Exeter Rivers in southeast New Hampshire.

Our Programs

Stocking Local Rivers

Stocking the Cocheco, Exeter, Isinglass, and Lamprey Rivers and providing opportunities to get people outdoors and enjoying our local rivers.

Volunteer Service

Providing volunteers for local educational events, and supporting our veterans by providing volunteers for Project Healing Waters.

The History of Three Rivers Stocking

Around 2000, at the initiative of Great Bay Trout Unlimited, the NH Fish and Game Department made a rule change that opened the Lamprey River to allow a fall and winter recreational trout fishing season. That rule change initiated GBTU’s stocking of the Lamprey River at Wiswall and Packers Falls Dams.

Over the years, GBTU continued to stock the Lamprey River, and later the Cocheco and Isinglass Rivers.  GBTU also sought to gradually change the state regulations, from keeping five fish or five pounds to the following current rules:

Artificial lures only, single barbless hook, and catch and release; C&R season being from October 16th to the 4th Saturday in April of the following year.

In early 2008, GBTU discontinued its fall recreational stocking program. The decision was made in order to concentrate GBTU’s financial resources on more defined conservation related matters in line with its stated mission.

Three Rivers Stocking Association is Formed

Faced with a loss of this highly popular stocking program, five local anglers joined forces and
formed a nonprofit whose purpose was to obtain donations to continue stocking the three rivers.

In 2017

We began stocking a section of the Exeter River covered by the same special fall/winter regulations that protect the other areas that we stock. As the support for this river has increased so has the number of fish stocked. It is proving to be a popular location for our local anglers.

In 2018

In 2018 we formed a partnership with Northeast Passage to provide volunteers so that they could start a chapter of Project Healing Waters. Over the last few years we have had many supporters volunteer to help veterans with Striper fishing, fly casting, fly tying, and even trout fishing on the rivers we stock.

In 2023

We stocked 2,931 fish between the four Rivers spending around $31,500. The increased cost of fish has caused fundraising to be a year round effort to keep stocking quality fish. We raise this money thanks to many great business’ and individual donors. Please see our supporters page, and support the many great businesses that support our efforts!